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301020 Xray X4'24 Alu Flex Chassis 1.5mm - Swiss 7075 T6
Special 1.5mm thick aluminum chassis with unique flex characteristics generates more overall traction and improves steering. Suitable for low to medium traction carpet conditions, as well as high traction asphalt tracks. The narrow chassis is 84mm wide with tapered bottom edge of the chassis to reduce contact between the chassis and the ground during cornering to improve speed. Specially CNC-machined countersunk screws from HUDY Spring Steel #913305 (M3x5), #913308 (M3x8) and #913312 (M3x12) must be used to make the assembly possible. Optional screws are available also as a complete set #913300 featuring 33pcs of special 110° screws to completely install the chassis.