300202 Xray X4F - 1/10 Luxury Electric Tc Fwd
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300202 Xray X4F - 1/10 Luxury Electric Tc Fwd

300202 - Xray X4F - 1/10 Luxury Electric Tc Fwd


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300202 - Xray X4F - 1/10 Luxury Electric Tc Fwd

2023 All-new Features.

  • Next generation X4F front wheel touring car moves to the X4 platform with advanced upper/lower arm suspension mounted to a new mid-motor chassis layout for improved balance and handling
  • Unique CFF™ - Carbon Fiber Fusion upper and lower suspension arms for outstanding handling & durability
  • All suspension components mount directly to the CFF™ arms without any additional brackets, inserts or bushings for accuracy and reliability
  • ARS suspension with highly adjustable geometry settings including roll center, caster and an active toe adjustment
  • Precision Hudy Spring Steel™ pivot balls in all suspension pivots for smooth suspension movement
  • All-new hubs are universal front and rear to reduce the number of spares for easier maintenance
  • New anti-roll bar shapes match the updated mounting points on the CFF™ suspension arms
  • All-new aluminum shock towers with multiple shock mounting positions for maximum adjustability
  • All-new upper bulkheads with caster inserts for quick setup changes feature centering pins for precise installation and improved reliability
  • Lower bulkheads updated with raised diff height option for improved cornering speed
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