370018 XRAY X12'23 US SPECS - 1/12 PAN CAR
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370018 XRAY X12'23 US SPECS - 1/12 PAN CAR

370018 - XRAY X12'23 US SPECS - 1/12 PAN CAR


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370018 - XRAY X12'23 US SPECS - 1/12 PAN CAR

2023 All-new Features.

  • All-new chassis featuring extra forward position for center pivot for improved cornering speed and steering respons.
  • Chassis features extra mounting position for the side braces between the front and center position for extra fine tuning of the car flex which improves steering response and cornering speed.
  • The chassis is shortened by 3.5mm in front with extra chamfer, which eliminates chassis dragging and improves cornering speed.
  • The chassis features 4 positions for the front battery backstop in 2mm steps instead of the groove to prevent the battery stop from moving in hard crashes.
  • Rear POD plate features redesigned area of the alu POD plate pivot holder for improved durability of the POD plate.
  • Rear POD features 2 centering holes instead of 1 to eliminate tweak issues in crashes.
  • Bulkheads were completely redesigned to achieve maximum low CG and weight to improve stability and eliminate tweaking issues in serious crashes.
  • Bulkheads are 5mm lower and 4g lighter compared to the previous version.
  • Bulkheads feature new smaller and lower CG window for eccentric bushings.
  • Bulkheads feature 2 centering pins instead of one for better centering and to prevent the tweaking issues in hard crashes.
  • Bulkheads feature new mounting position for the rear brace, from top instead of rear, for improved tweak resistance, as well as only one mounting position instead of two, for improved flex of the rear POD.
  • All-new graphite rear brace is thinner and lighter for improved CG and flex of the POD.
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