350018 Xray XB8'23 - 1/8 Luxury Nitro Off-Road Car
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350018 Xray XB8'23 - 1/8 Luxury Nitro Off-Road Car

350018 Xray XB8'23 - 1/8 Luxury Nitro Off-Road Car


€654.92 Tax excluded

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2023 All-new Features.

  • All-new front & rear semi-split bulkhead with quick differential access without disassembling suspension
  • New front & rear diff height adjustment through eccentric bushings
  • Improved central drivetrain angle and height adjustment
  • Redesigned chassis for semi-split bulkheads increases traction via improved rear chassis flex
  • Redesigned front aluminum & rear graphite shock towers
  • Reinforced M3/M4 steel shock screws for increased reliability
  • Updated alu steering plate and servo saver
  • Front & rear lower suspension holders with new mounting positions
  • Front upper suspension holder matches the new servo saver
  • Redesigned wing holder fits the new semi-split rear bulkhead
  • Wickerbill rear wing allows quick downforce adjustments and pre-marked airflow holes to reduce downforce
  • Front upper arms with new mounting locations for optional wings for improved downforce
  • New lower front bumper reduces weight and matches the new semi-split bulkhead
  • Improved lower shock absorber ball joints for more secure fitment of the lower spring retainer
  • New 46/13 internal gear ratio and 14T clutch bell expands usable gear ratios
  • New centering brake slide screws provide smoother brake pad operation
# 1.10
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