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Sunpadow 7,4V 2S 6000mAh 120C/60C LiPo Battery "Top Series"

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The “Sunpadow Top Series”, also known as “Golden”, are the top of the range batteries used by Sunpadow team in the worldwide races. These batteries, even if they are new in the market, they have allowed to win important national and international races such as ETS, EOS and the TQ at the World Cup Warm up in South Africa. The Top Series line offer to the market the Lipo batteries for whom is looking for the best in the RC races with a range for all categories such as Touring, Formula, Offroad etc etc. These batteries are EFRA, IFMAR and BRCA certified. These certifications basically allow to use the Sunpadow batteries in every important races around the world. Drivers like Bruno Coelho and Alexander Hagberg choose Sunpadow 5600mAh 7,4V 2S 120C/60C LiPo Battery. Alexander Douchet, for the Stock category prefers the Sunpadow 6000mAh 7,4V 2S 120C/60C LiPo Battery.

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